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A true expression of self cannot be achieved by following your neighbour. Chances are the guy next to you is also blindly following and where does that leave you? At least third in a long line of unoriginality. Put yourself at the front: become the inspiration for others, but remember… as soon as people start to follow, it’s time to change.

Altskate stocks the freshest, most original and most niche brands from across the world. From guys who want to share their original products with people who have a passion for the exceptional, not to flood the market with generic products for the masses.

The result is whether it’s our range of apparel, accessories, boards or hardware that we offer you something out of ordinary. No more a product than your true expression of self.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015 Six is the magic number
Now I don’t know about you, but I like my skate shoes to come with exactly six revolutionary specs. Anything less than six and I feel like they just aren’t trying. Anything more and I worry – I mean, there’s only so much revolutionising you can do to a shoe without it becoming not a shoe. So I was very happy to hear that AltSkate’s new range of Globe skate shoes all come with – yes, six revolutionary specs.First up, is the revolutionary S-Trac sole – the best skateboarding tread ever developed, the S-Trac has traction lugs designed for maximum energy transfer and shock absorption. And if there’s one thing I hate, it is less than maximum energy transfer.At number two we have the revolutionary stitchless fusion weld. Globe’s skate shoes are made with lightweight synthetic materials that are fusion welded to eliminate the need for conventional machine stitching. God I hate conventional machine stitching!Third is the revolutionary integrated tongue
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Thursday, 16 July 2015 Get your hands on our new Bawbags
Going commando is just so 1990s: the 21st century man is all about the pants. And there are no pants better than the super snug, comfy and supportive boxers from our friends over at Bawbags. Made with 95% cotton and 5% elastine, these babies give flexible – but firm – support where you need it most. But where Bawbags really excel is on the design front – and their new range of styles doesn’t disappoint. First up are these beauties, all the way from sunny Hawaii. These Aloha boxers feature some authentic Hawaiian flowers (I’m guessing plumerias – although they may be tuberose?), so you can adorn your nether regions with a lovely floral tribute to the 50thstate of the United States of America. I’ll raise a coconut to that.A change of pace now. From the sunny climes of the Pacific to the rain and drizzle of the highlands – if Braveheart wore pants, you know he’d
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