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Wednesday, 30 July 2014 Yeah, bye Summer. Cheers for nothing.
Well after a fairly lengthy warm spell it looks like normal UK weather service will be resumed pretty soon and the howling wind, drizzle and blankets of grey cloud will return with relish. Don't get me wrong it's been very nice but there is only so long normal people should have to put up with men's feet being on display and there are only so many times you can pretend to enjoy barbeque food. So let us be the first to say welcome back cold, rubbish weather, welcome back not needing a shower 10 minutes after having a shower, welcome back not seeing people wearing 3/4 length tracksuit shorts, welcome back not seeing men driving vans with no shirt on, welcome back being able to sleep without having your window open and not having a bug the size of a tennis ball landing on you and quietly drinking most of your blood, welcome back not pretending to enjoy salad and most importantly for a website that sells mostly black clothes welcome back being able to safely put on a pair of black jeans without your legs melting.
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Wednesday, 30 July 2014 Punky Punky Punky Punky Punky Punky.....Pins
Ears have many uses, not only do they provide a handy pair of brackets with which to support your sunglasses, but they are also blank canvases, ideal for adornment with sparkling accoutrements. If you want an adornment just a little different from the usual hoop, stud or dangling gem, check out Punky Pins earrings now available at Designs from a range of alt influences including retro pop, tattoo and little dogs mean there is something for even the most out-there taste. £4.50 too so you can get something very cool for not much cash. Take a look at the full Punky Pins collection at by clicking or here. But not here. Definitely not here.
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